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An established, energetic, award-winning executive with comprehensive media and creative experience and expertise in higher education, leadership, people/team development, business transformation and programme management. A strong leader, able to inspire and motivate in both immediate and multi-disciplinary team environments, with a proven track-record of delivering results. Straightforward and unambiguous, with personal integrity. Resilient and able to work under pressure without compromising performance. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Collaborative and inclusive. Pragmatic and flexible, with a sense of humour and perspective. Highly intuitive with a well-developed understanding of behavioural motivators.



  1. Brought together the needs of students, schools and a major sponsor to create a highly innovative method of delivering valued careers guidance, while at the same time marketing Push’s other products and generating a profit margin of 400%.

  2. Created the UK’s largest and only annual survey of student debt, attracting over £1Mn worth of media coverage each year and influencing political and social debate about higher education.

  3. Created an innovative approach to public speaking – involving comedy, guidance and information – addressing tens of thousands of young people over 20 years, and trained others to master the same techniques.

  4. Developed a ground-breaking methodology for measuring the drop-out rates of UK universities which has now been adopted as a key performance indicator in the sector.

  5. Appeared regularly on television, radio and in online and print media as a specialist on higher education.


  1. Instigated and managed a unique national research programme – the widest ever into UK student life – and wrote the first of ten annual editions of a 650-page guidebook selling over 30,000 copies a year.

  2. Managed teams of up to 50 researchers and 5 writers at a time – as well as editors, designers and others – operating at minimal costs to conduct a research campaign for under £15k that was priced independently at £125k.


  1. Reinvigorated a dwindling brand, Real World Magazine, by establishing new editorial approach and taking on and training a talented editor, reducing editorial costs by 15%.

  2. Devised the unique ‘sift and sort’ search algorithm behind Push’s Uni Chooser, now used by one in four UK students to select their university.

  3. Developed the format on which Channel Four’s The 11 o’clock Show was based.

  4. Author of The Human Script, a literary fiction novel published in 2013 by Red Button Publishing.

Entrepreneurship and business development

  1. Started Push and built it into the market-leading independent resource for prospective students, a commercially self-sufficient social enterprise reaching one-in-four university applicants.

  2. In the face of changed circumstances, I reinvented the business model of Push from subscriptions and book sales to sponsorship and advertising, multiplying the reach of our services by a factor of three in less than a year and reversing a downward revenue trend.

  3. Used existing resources of independent television production company TVF to realise the value of hidden rights assets, generating £50k of revenue in the first six months and creating intrinsic value for the business beyond the order book.

Marketing and sales

  1. Implemented metrics to monitor the success of the Cherry Publishing websites, the advertising and sales leads, demonstrating performance to advertisers.

  2. Conceived and instituted a fund-raising campaign to support new talent at the UK’s leading faculty of creative writing generating enough funds to establish an on-going programme of scholarships and a financially self-sufficient publishing imprint.

  3. Developed annual national marketing campaigns for, working on budgets of under £10k, and achieving a Google Page Ranking of 6 and market-leading traffic figures.

  4. As Advertising Manager of three leisure magazines managed a sales team and increased revenues by a third.


  1. Trained over 800 researchers and editorial staff over 18 years, winning a National Career Award (from the Institute of Careers Guidance).

  2. Ran various courses on sub-editing (Westminster Adult Education Service), higher education careers advice (London South Bank University) and writing (various schools).


  1. Managing Director and Editor, Push

  2. Board of Directors, the Higher Education Academy

  3. Editor-in-Chief, Real World Media Ltd

  4. Development Director, Malcolm Bradbury Memorial Trust/
    University of East Anglia School of English & American Studies

  5. Head of Business Development, TVF

  6. Head of Development, Clark Television

  7. Writer, editor and journalist, freelance

  8. Media Relations Consultant, freelance

  9. President, Durham Students’ Union

  10. Advertising Manager, Sanglier Publications (Caldercorn Ltd)


University of East Anglia

Durham University

Westminster AES 

Trained in television presenting

Conversational German


  1. Winner 14-19 Category, National Careers Awards for (2008)

  2. Outstanding Young Person of the Year, Junior Chamber International, South East Region (1994)

  3. Shortlisted for NUS/Guardian Student Journalist of the Year (1990)

  4. Hunter Davies Prize for Journalism (1989)

Freelance writer, editor & journalist (1991-present)

Author of various books and a specialist on higher education youth issues and popular science, contributing to The Times, The Guardian, The Independent (including editing two supplements), The Daily Mail, TES, Time Out, BBC Radio 4 and many others.


Married with two children


Literature, science, natural history and animals, philosophy, cookery, photography, politics, poker and BBC Radio 4.

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1992 – present

2011 – present

2010 – 2012

1999 – 2003

1996 – 1997

1994 – 1996

1991 – present

1993 – present

1989 – 1990

1986 – 1987

MA in Creative Writing

BA Hons in English & Philosophy C&G in Adult Education

Morley College/Goethe Institut