Johnny is a master of the portfolio. He’s rarely without at least three job titles at any one time and is always delighted to explore new opportunities. In particular, he regularly takes on consultancy roles or individual projects. You never know till you ask – contact Johnny. 

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Johnny is the founder – and remains the driving force – of the leading independent guide to UK universities, student life and finance for prospective students.
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Real World
Johnny is Editor-in-Chief of the leading on-campus and online magazine for graduate recruitment, responsible for all editorial content, design and direction. Real World is published in three languages across Europe.
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The Recruiters’ Guide to Courses and Campuses

Higher Education Academy    
The HEA is there to make sure students can learn effectively because they’re well taught in a suitable environment. It does this by commissioning research, providing training, events and resources. Johnny was appointed to the Board of Directors in January 2011 and also serves on the Audit Committee.
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Media appearances
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Sift ‘n’ Sort
In the 1990s, with only a small input from Johnny, an ex-IBM whizz kid called Geoff Lambert came up with a unique search algorithm. Since then Johnny has developed and refined it to be used in a host of applications such that it could – and should – change the way the internet is used. No, but seriously, it could.
    To see the software in action, take a look at Push’s Uni Chooser, particularly the ‘What else?’ tool which determines the ranking process. 

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Higher education, students and school-leavers
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