Johnny has appeared on television and radio over 400 times as an expert, a spokesperson, a presenter and, once, even a quiz contestant. He’s appeared in print print media and online countless times.

Here are some links to just a few of those appearances:

Engineering & Technology Magazine, 13/8/20: ‘How-the-pandemic-might-change engineering education forever

TalkRadio, 24/2/20: The Matthew Wright Show

The Wonkhe Show, 5/12/19: PODCAST: Free speech, UCAS data, HE SMEs, student data

Luminate, 9/2018: Laura Greaves, ‘Johnny Rich on improving degree apprenticeships to create “supergrads”

The Guardian, Letters, 8/10/2018: ‘Essay mills: more than morally dubious

Wonkhe, 27/8/2018: David Morris, ‘Visions for the AlterniTEF – can we do TEF better?

Wonkhe, 5/4/18: Ant Bagshaw, ‘Are we using the wrong end of the telescope to find the future of credentials?

Wonkhe, 3/5/2017: Mary Kellett & Grace Clifton, ‘Measuring gains and employability for part-time students

talkRadio, 10/6/2016: ‘University fees: More teaching doesn’t mean better

Times Higher Education, 28/4/2016: David Matthews, ‘The dangers of “character education” in higher education

Times Higher Education, 27/4/2016: David Matthews, ‘Can academics change their students’ personalities?

Wonkhe, 4/1/2016: Doug Cole, ‘Employability: metrics and definitions

Training Journal, 14/12/2015: ‘Employability should be the central aim of higher education, says new report

Jaffa Reads Too, 19/10/15: Book review: The Human Script by Johnny Rich 

The Guardian, 5/8/15: Janet Murray, ‘Get the most for your money at university

Words are my craft, 2/6/2015: Book review, The Human Script by Johnny Rich

Rebekkah Lattin-Rawstrone, 13/12/13: Book review: The Human Script by Johnny Rich 

The Telegraph, 13/8/2013: Helena Pozniak, ‘Researching universities: how to make the right choice

Byte the Book, 13/4/2013: Justine Solomons, ‘Philosophy, science and faith combine in a modern love story – The Human Script by Johnny Rich

Covered Mag, 4/9/2012: Maxine Frances, ‘An essential guide to student finance

BBC News 24, 18/8/12, Your Money, advising on student finance.  

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BBC News, 12/8/11: ‘Average UK student debts “could hit £53,000”

SFS Group, 12/1/11, ‘Lancashire universities say it’s “impossible” for fees to be under £6k’.

Pareto Law, 7/1/11, ‘Students worried about rising graduate debt’. Read it here

Capita Education Resourcing, 10/1/11, ‘Extra marks to be given to enterprising students’ Read it here, 7/1/11, ‘Displaying corporate skills at uni could lead to graduate jobs for students’. Read it here

SFS Group, 6/1/11, ‘Students with corporate skills should be rewarded, expert says’. Read it here

ATL, 6/1/11, ‘Awarding extra marks for corporate schools “is good for students”’. Read it here

Daily Telegraph, 5/1/11, ‘UCAS: more students applying for vocational degrees’. Read it here

TWR Today, Trans World Radio, 7/1/11, Discussing students’ increased demand for vocational courses. Listen

Graduate–, 6/1/11, ‘Students “choose practical degrees”’. Read it here

i-to-i Chalkboard News, 5/1/11, ‘Young people increasingly looking at vocation courses’. Read it here

Rapid Online, 9/12/10, ‘Two free years at university will not encourage poorest students’. Read it here

SFS Group, 8/12/10, ‘Giving poorer students extra university years “will make no difference”’.

Telegraph, 18/8/2010: Dorothy Lepkowska, ‘A-level results: arranging student accommodation

Randstad Education, 9/12/10, ‘New Government programme will not make a difference’. Read it here

i-to-i Chalkboard News, 8/12/10, ‘Two free years at university ‘will not encourage’ people from poorer backgrounds to attend’. Read it here

ATL, 8/12/10, ‘Giving disadvantaged students two free years at university is “not enough”’. Read it here

The Today Programme, BBC Radio 4, 12/10/10, Discussing the newly published Browne Report on Higher Education Funding. Listen

To uni or not ot uni?, BBC Radio 1xtra, 12/10/10, Interview with a documentary on the benefits of university. Listen

BBC Radio 5 Live, 20/8/10, studio expert for phone-in show in the week of A-level results Listen

Daily Telegraph, 19/8/10, ‘Seven students fight for every remaining university place’

Daily Telegraph, 19/8/10, ‘Home, sweet digs’

Daily Telegraph, 19/8/10, ‘Ease the pain of student poverty’

BBC News, 18/8/10, ‘New students face £25,000 debt’ Read it here

The Independent, 16/8/10, Cover story, ‘Who would want to be 18 today?’

Daily Mail, 13/8/10, ‘New students face £25,000 debt’ Read it here

Daily Telegraph, 13/8/10, ‘“Seven-week” back-log for loan applications’

The Times, 13/8/10, ‘New students facing final debt of £25,000’

The Independent, 13/8/10, ‘New students face £25,000 debt’

Daily Express, 13/8/10, ‘Students face £25,000 debt’

Sky News, 13/8/10, ‘New students to graduate “owing £25,000”’ Read it here

Telegraph, 21/8/2009: Emma Simon, ‘Graduates’ guide to beating the recession’

Telegraph, 20/8/2009: Warwick Mansell, ‘A-level results: Ucas university clearing guide

Parliamentary Briefing Papers, 5/5/09, ‘Student and graduate debt statistics’ Read it here

FIVE News, 18/8/08, interview about Push National Student Debt Survey results.