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Recent posts

  • Why do we undervalue careers advisers?
    We’ve all heard – or told – tales about how some careers advisor “told me to be a [insert laughably inappropriate career]”, but people who are helped by careers advice tend never to mention it. Why? Can it be true that careers advice is so wide of the mark? Of course not.
  • Vocational qualifications: don’t turn off the tap to make T
    Not a single person has taken a T-level yet and there are still no solutions to finding enough employer support, but DfE thinks we should axe all alternatives.
  • What’s really wrong with the NSS?
    Drawing on my piece for HEPI, I explain why the National Student Survey shouldn’t change and why – and how – it should.
  • Invention, engineering and creativity
    Prince Philip said, “everything that wasn’t invented by God is invented by an engineer”. Was he right or did he do a disservice to engineers and artists?
  • Fairer grades
    Will emergency measures prove to have been the key to fairer admissions, based on potential more than performance?