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Recent posts

  • T Levels: what’s the win for employers?
    Last week, the DfE announced that it was setting up a £12 million fund to encourage employers to offer work experience for T levels. Good news, right? Well, partly. If T Levels are ever going to be a mainstream success as a vocational qualification, they are going to need a lot more employer engagement. I mean a lot. When you have a bold and ambitious policy, you don’t get it to fly by giving it half a feather instead of a full set of wings
  • Signs and wonders: Better CEIAG
    What is CEIAG and how does know what it is help us improve it?
  • The lifelong learning buffet needs nutritional oversight
    Reskilling may help workers feed their families – but a plateful of modules may not add up to a square educational meal
  • Why do we undervalue careers advisers?
    We’ve all heard – or told – tales about how some careers advisor “told me to be a [insert laughably inappropriate career]”, but people who are helped by careers advice tend never to mention it. Why? Can it be true that careers advice is so wide of the mark? Of course not.
  • Vocational qualifications: don’t turn off the tap to make T
    Not a single person has taken a T-level yet and there are still no solutions to finding enough employer support, but DfE thinks we should axe all alternatives.

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